Magdalena Energy Session

Energy work can provide an opportunity to experience yourself as more than a physical or mental being. Entering into a peaceful, expanded state can bring benefits to body, mind, and spirit.
A Magdalena Energy Session is an opportunity to experience the unique vibrational frequencies of Mary Magdalena.
For a Magdalena Energy Session, you will meet your practitioner in person in a quiet, sacred space. While fully clothed, you will lay on a treatment table (or rest in a chair if more comfortable) in a relaxed state. Your practitioner will move her/his hands a few inches above your body in a specific sequence. Through this process, s/he will work with your energy system (subtle anatomy), including your aura and chakras. The practitioner may also work energetically with organs or various body systems.
The duration of a Magdalena Energy Session is 60mins. You can experience it in person in my studio in Küsnacht or book a remote session over zoom. Just select your preferred session type when booking a session on this page.
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60 mins.

CHF 140.00


x 1 Hour(s)

Noëlle Fueter-Stahel