Magdalena Energy Session & Energy Coaching

With the tenderness and empathy of the Magdalena Energy, Noëlle is trained to listen to you intensely. Instead of her, you get to determine the goal. With her open questions and reflections, Noëlle supports you to become aware of where you are and where you wish to go in your life. It’s all centered around you. Noëlle is standing by your side. After a 30 minute talk you enter your Magdalena Session with a clarity on what you wish the Magdalena Energy to support you with.
Energy work can provide an opportunity to experience yourself as more than a physical or mental being. Entering into a peaceful, expanded state can bring benefits to body, mind, and spirit.
A Magdalena Energy Session is an opportunity to experience the unique vibrational frequencies of Mary Magdalena.
For a Magdalena Energy Session, you will meet me in person in a quiet, sacred space. While fully clothed, you will lay on a treatment table (or rest in a chair if more comfortable) in a relaxed state. I will move my hands a few inches above your body in a specific sequence. Through this process, I will work with your energy system (subtle anatomy), including your aura and chakras. I may also work energetically with organs or various body systems.
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90 mins.

CHF 150.00


x 90 Min(s)

Noëlle Fueter-Stahel