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About Me

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Noëlle’s professional life started as a young cotton trader in the family company followed by 15 years as a Swiss Private Banker and international trustee in Liechtenstein.
In 2007 Noëlle shifted her career and became a small entrepreneur opening her own dog school and nursery ,Citydogs’ to heal her traumatized former stray dog puppy ,Dillie’.
In 2011 Noëlle & her husband Tobi founded Citydogs4Streetdogs with their friend and client Anja to rescue stray dogs and cats in Romania.
While going through a breast cancer scare in 2014 after ,Dillie’ passed, Noëlle was accepted to study with her Holiness Sai Maa in the US, Europe and Japan and was certified and initiated by her Holiness Sai Maa personally as an Awakened Life level one teacher and Magdalena Healer in December 2018.
Since then, Noëlle’s passion for her ongoing studies and serving animals has expanded into serving humanity in connecting with its precious heart and its healing on a Soul-Level.
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Education and Certifications

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  • Studies with Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi since the first of July 2014: 
    Intense studies in the US, Europe and Japan commenced with the Sai Maa Healer Internship, then the Magdalena Practitioner Program from which Noëlle graduated on the 21st of December 2018 as well as graduating as an Awakened Life Teacher level one on December 4th 2018.
  • Before that various studies in animal communication and shamanism since 2002.
  • Basic education: Noëlle finished her Matura type B (latin) in Zurich, CH, graduated from Cotton school in Memphis Tennessee, USA, graduated from the University of Zurich, CH as lic. oec. publ. (Economist) and as TEP (Trustee) in Vaduz, FL and as licensed dog trainer in Zurich, CH.

My Philosophy

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Noëlle believes that this world is going to be a beautiful, peaceful and safe place for all living beings, nature, animals and humanity. She believes in a humanity in unity – led by its heart. She believes in the Power of Love, in the Power of the Soul – in SoulPower. She is therefore devoted to the healing of the Soul, body and mind.
She is married to the Swiss filmmaker Tobias Fueter. The loving couple lives in Zurich and Brambrüesch, CH. They adore their animals, serve abandoned stray animals in Romania with their charity the Dog Rose ( and love to travel and dive in the waste amazing ocean’s of the world.
Noëlle’s dog nursery Citydogs ( is devoted to the highest level of care for their own former stray dogs as well as the dogs of their Zurich neighbourhood.